September 29, 2011

What A Mess (Literally)

I have an apt with my trainer next Wednesday am (finally).  Since the weeks she has been gone I have taken quite the break.  Not running.  Eating poorly.  The usual.  Today I got all my errands run and things were looking pretty good.  After dinner out the past two nights and a wedding to attend on Saturday, I thought I should probably make some sort of attempt at a calorie burning activity.  So I planned on getting in a run during nap.  Its naptime right now and I'm blogging instead of running.  But, of course, I have quite the valid excuse.

I got home with bags and boxes of groceries and set them up on the counter.  I open the fridge to begin putting stuff away.  Up trots Brooke, who decides it would be a good idea to clang together to glass jugs of milk.  Seconds later I have glass and milk everywhere and there is sheer pandemonium.

Thankfully the sitter was here, so she swiftly took both kids (and the dog) to another room so I could clean up.  1.5 hours later I finally finished cleaning the fridge, floor and counters.  It was naptime, and I had yet to take a minute to sit down today, let alone eat lunch.  Could my fridge, floors and counters have used a good cleaning.  Well, of course.  But was is on my agenda today?  No way.

So now I have just sat down and finished my lunch.  My back is killing from the grocery hauling, floor mopping and fridge cleaning.  I'm already exhausted enough after an interrupted sleep last night and there is no way I'll be getting in a run today.

Funny how just a short while ago I bragged about how my everything was coming together, I was getting faster on my runs, and how the race I signed up for in November will be so easy to train for.  Life sure does have a funny way of taking your own words and shoving them into your face, doesnt it?


Jess said...

Kids have a natural knack for ruining al those "best laid plans'!

Anonymous said...

Life does have a way of playing with you. Just when you think you have things under control, life throws a curveball (or curveballS) your way.