September 23, 2011

The Pastry Gods Wrath

Despite my proclamation yesterday, I found myself ordering a pastry this morning. I just couldnt help it. The parking lot at Starbucks was rather crowded so I went across the street to Peets. This place has really yummy pastries, and thats one of the reasons I usually go to Starbucks. I have a hard time saying no to myself.

So, I found myself in a long line to order my coffee. And during that wait I stared at the pastry case. I got up there and I ordered one. It looked to delicious. I rushed to the last seat in the tiny shop, and as I had to navigate through the people, chairs and tables with a backpack, coffee and pastry in my hand ... the plate tipped and the pastry ended up on the floor.

I was ticked.

But, I took it as a sign. I'm now sitting here doing some work, sans pastry, fuming a bit over my loss but realizing that higher powers were likely in full force today. I guess I should say "thank you", but Im not quite done mourning yet.

1 comment:

Jess said...

You're better than me! I would've eaten it off the floor...cuz I'm classy like that.