September 22, 2011

It's The Thought That Counts?

Yesterday I put in a whopping 2.5 miles. At least I ran, but it was a pretty weak attempt. I didnt really want to and ran instead because of guilt. That seems to be a good motivator for me lately, but it wasnt working this time ;) I got about 2 miles in and started cramping. I kept running and the cramp didnt go away. I could have slowed down my speed or something, but instead I decided to hop off and take a nice shower. Today I feel a bit guilty about the whole episode, so you think I might feel the urge to run again. Nope. I met with a faculty member from school today, and although the meeting went well, I now have a lot of thoughts in my head and am trying to be productive during naptime. Of course, the baby is now stirring and I didnt get a whole lot done.

I also ate enough for a small army over the past few days. I'm guessing its stress related. So I probably just put back on all those lbs I so easily lost. That ought to teach me.

Tomorrow I promise to get back on the wagon. More running, less pastries. I can do it ;)

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