September 19, 2011

Monday Meanderings

A lot has been going on, just none of it really running/fitness related. I figured I'd give a few brief and rambling thoughts on this gloomy & dreary Monday ...

  • Havent talked about school in a long time (about a year, I'm guessing, if you look back at posts). Got caught up in some University bureaucracy. Seem to have gotten through the red tape, now panicking about how to fit school stuff into an already hectic life.
  • Both kids have been sick for about a week. The boogers, coughing and bad moods have taken up a lot of my time. Seem to be getting over the hump and waiting for the next thing to hit ;)
  • After a long battle we seem to be making some potty training advances (knock-on-wood). Add pee and poop to list from previous item.
  • The baby has turned into a terror on the floor ... army crawling himself into trouble every single second of the day. When I get a break from the school, cooties and potty, he's still going. Currently working to climb up and over every obstacle in his sight.

I do have a little bit of relevant stuff to pause on for a bit ...
  • I lost a few lbs quite easily through (primarily) cutting out the junk in my diet. The ease of the weight loss gave me additional excuses why I didnt have to run. Having a tough time getting my mind and body on the same plane.
  • My trainer came back, but then seems to have gotten her schedule (or mine, I guess) screwed up so that my old time was no longer available. Between the kids school and my school (in addition to other activities) I'm limited with what works. After two weeks of back and forth I'm still waiting to see if we can sync up. I may or may not be meeting with a trainer this week .. or next ... or the next.
  • Volunteering (again) at a water station for the upcoming Chicago Marathon. It seems to work well to motivate me back into the game. Hope it works this year too.

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Jess said...

It seems that with kids, there are a lot of fluids to deal with! :)

Congrats on the weight loss. I should take a cue and cut down on my caffeine and junk consuption. It's just so yummy!