August 29, 2011

Promises Broken by 6AM ... or are they???

Last week I ran only one day during the week. I mentioned in a post that I've fallen into a bit of a trap: falling asleep late at night, not sleeping well, waking early, taking a nap because I'm tired ... and then not being able to fall asleep. Repeat cycle. I promised myself yesterday that today would be different. That I was going to run on Monday and that was gonna set me up for a great week.

So, I dont get into bed until after 11PM.
I don't fall asleep until after 12AM.
Brooke coughs all night and keeps me up. Literally, all night.
Ryan wakes at 5:45.

So, its now a bit before 7AM and all I can do is think about taking a nap later today. I'm gonna head out with the kids and get a coffee in a few minutes and hope I can make it all the way till 1:30/2:00PM (naptime) and have the energy and determination to select a run over a nap.

PM Update: I Chose To ...

Run! Yay!
Distance: 3 Miles
Time: 30:16
Pace: 10:05

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