August 11, 2011

Nap Overlap Evanesco!

Both kids are sick with a pretty bad summer cold/virus. Fevers, nasty boogers, and horrible sounding coughs. While they seem to be up in spirits despite their situation, I am finding it harder to be so cherry. Their coughing and crying keeps me up all night and I spend all day chasing them with a box of Kleenex. Their nap schedules are also totally off due to the fact that sleep at night is pretty inconsistent.

Today the little guy took a FOUR HOUR nap. I know he is sick and had to just leave him be, but as he continued to sleep I watched my running window get smaller and smaller ... until it was completely gone. His nap was so long, he took only one today. That left me with no nap overlap and no time to run.

We've been trapped in the house for a couple of days and everyone is getting stir crazy. I'm hoping the kids get better soon for their own well-being, and, of course, my sanity.

Post title can only be read by a Harry Potter fan, but I think from the post body you can pretty much tell what it means ;)

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Jess said...

On the one hand, a 4 hour nap is awesome! But, if it's not timed right, it doesn't work out well for you! Hope the kids feel better soon!