August 17, 2011

A Quick Check In

Havent posted because I havent run. The past few days have been really busy, leaving me without any time to run.

Today I got in a quick 3, and by "quick" I mean under 11:00 miles ;) I actually AM getting faster and feeling better, and I honestly think its because I am eating healthier. Why do I think this? Well, I'm still not getting a lot of sleep. I still don't drink enough water. I still am not incorporating a lot of strength training (once a week is more than zero, but hardly can make an impact). The only change in my life has been my diet. Specifically, I'm really working to get more fruits and vegetables into my stomach ... and keep more pastries and candies out.

Today I felt great the whole time on the treadmill and was able to consistently pick up my pace throughout the run.

Time: 31:36
Distance: 3 Miles
Pace: 10:31

Now that I'm feeling more comfortable (and confident) with running, and am finding a decent amount of opportunity to sneak in a quick run here and there ... I need to find a way to find more time so that I can occasionally get in more than three. I'll just add that to my to-do list ;)

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Jess said...

I hear ya on needing MORE time for more than a 3 miler! This week, I haven't had time for more than 2 milers, and those just hardly feel worth the effort!