July 25, 2011

"Rest Day"

After three hours of sleep last night I knew I wouldnt be running today. I knew that at 2AM when I was still up, and I knew it at 5:30AM when the little guy got up. It's just not gonna happen.

To top it off, I have been really great (well, if you can count a whole week as "really great") about backing off on the lattes and pastries during the week. I'm trying to shove less junk down my throat, but, more importantly, trying to shove more of the good stuff down it overall. I thought I would struggle without the daily latte, but I didnt. Until this morning. I needed it. So, I started off my Monday with no sleep and a latte for breakfast. Despite the taunting from the pastries, I did not get one of those, so at least I did something right today.

We then went to the pool in the morning and while there I felt less tired. Perhaps the sun actually gave me a bit of energy. I thought ... maybe I could run. Then, on the way home Ryan passed out in the car and woke up shortly after Brooke went down for her nap. No nap overlap, no run. That seals the seal.

As they say, why do today what you can do tomorrow? I'm hoping for a better start to the day and I'll go from there.


Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

oh the joy of nap overlaps. I so wish I had those more often! Better luck tomorrow!

Jess said...

Only 3 hours of sleep?! I guess I really can't complain!