July 28, 2011

My Lucky Day

While the little guy got up at 5:30 today, his sister slept in till 7 (from her usual 6:15 wakeup).  Didn't do me a whole lot of good since he was up early, and threw the day off a bit ... but it was still nice not to have to start full force at 6AM this morning.

Because he was up so early, he took his 1st nap early, and got up from that nap early, and then needed to go down early for his 2nd nap.  Thats where the issue could have started.  He is inconsistent with his naps.  Occasionally 45 minutes, sometimes 2 hours.  So when he goes early, he can be awake before she even goes down :(

I figured that would happen today, since he was asleep for 30 minutes before she even went to bed.  BUT, I decided to be brave and get on the treadmill.  Last time I had a similar situation I literally started running and he woke up.  I expected the same ... but, its been two hours and he is still asleep.

I ran.
I showered.
I snacked.
I returned some phone calls.
I did some emailing.
I snacked some more.
And now I'm blogging.

Today is awesome.


Tricia said...

super awesome

Jess said...

Sweet baby jesus, I would love that! I haven't had any "nap overlap" this week and it's killing me!