June 3, 2011

New Motivation

My sister came over Tuesday night to show off how skinny she is and try to make me feel bad. Well, she actually came over to help with the kids ... but she was looking skinny and I started feeling pretty, um, not skinny. I tried to fatten her up with a massive sized burrito, but I dont think it was enough to get her to pack on the 15 lbs or so I need her to gain in order to make myself feel better. I moped around for a bit, then I decided I better do something about it.

The kids are temporarily doing a nap overlap. Why? Because I had to bump the baby back up to three naps because he didnt seem to be in the best mood when he was only taking two ;) He wont be on three for long, but for now the two of them overlap almost every day. Instead of napping, watching tv or blogging (which is why I havent been on here in a bit) I hopped on the treadmill both Wednesday and Thursday while the kids were snoozing. The overlap was short and I had to jump off early on Thurday, but 2.5 miles is better than zero miles, right?



Next Race
Orignally I was hoping to do a 10K in July, but it looks like that weekend just wont work. Luckily, there is a race thats just a few days earlier.

The really good thing about this race?
"Every participant receives a complimentary 'Bastille Day' cupcake from Swirlz Cupcakes!"
Sign me up!


Jess said...

It seems that every kid is different in terms of sleeping, eating, etc, and what works for one, doesn't work for another, so if 3 naps is what the guy needs, it's what he needs.

It's nice though that you get some overlap time to take advantage of the treadmill! And some miles are ALWAYS better than no miles!

meanjean said...

you are silly. I dont have any kids to take care of or any money to eat, so its not as hard for me to be skinny. :) I'm kidding. That burrito was SUPER good, though. I think id like to run this race with you!!!!