June 7, 2011


Despite the fact that my son has been getting up between 5 and 5:30 AM for the past few months, I am still in complete denial that my day begins at 5AM. I continue to go to bed too late and wake up feeling like I got hit by a truck each morning. I need to accept reality and plan my life around this fact, but seem to keep thinking (read: dreaming) that things are going to change. Each night I go to bed begging that he sleep a mere 30 more minutes and get up at 6AM with his sister. Regardless, I live in a house with early birds and cannot accept that fact.

Whats my point?

I'm having a hard time incorporating running or other forms of exercise because I am having a hard time accepting and planning for my day. For example, there is a pilates studio VERY close to me that has classes at 7:30 most nights and 8:30 on Mondays. I've been wanting to try it out for weeks. The issue is, because I dont get in bed until after 11, generally have one middle-of-the-night-waking, and wake up for the day at 5 ... I'm plain-old exhausted by 7PM. I dont want to go to pilates :(

This same factor is the issue when I want to get a run in. At night I'm just too tired!

I'm getting the kids to overlap in naps 1-2 times a week (at least) and am trying to run then. But 1-2 times isnt gonna cut it. In addition, Ryan has to go to 2 naps at some point, and at that time I think the nap overlap will disappear once again. What then?

As for waking up early to run? There is no way I'm getting up at 4AM to run. I'm just not. I am not that dedicated and I'll plain out admit it. I want to exercise and I want to feel better about my body and my health, but I also want to do it on my terms. I've got some limits. 4AM is definitely one of those limits ;)

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