May 11, 2011


In addition to my vacation from running, I'm on a vacation from life :). Getting some R&R somewhere a bit sunnier ... But, I do have one to-do while I'm here - register for my next race.

I officially decided to sign up for the 10k. Why? First, it's a good race. Second, it's long enough to give me time to train. But the real motivation? I lost the last albs of baby weight when I trained for the Shamrock. I've only run once since, and those 5 lbs are back. So, I need to run.

The main reason I've been stalling is that the little guy had been waking up every night between 3-4. Once in a while I can give him the paci and he goes back to sleep. But, the general outcome is not quite that pleasant. He is either up crying for an hour to and hour-and-a-half, or up "for the day" ... Which means he takes his first nap before he usually even wakes up. It's been another tough hurdle that we still are not over, but I can't put my life on hold forever. Maybe if I reason with him and let him know I've got a race coming up he'll give me a break ;)

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