March 8, 2011

Take That Hal Higdon!

I ran 1.5 miles today. Yay! I know that sounds a bit pitiful, but there is a valid reason for this :) I got my treadmill! And yes, you would think I would run more, not less. But again, there is a reason.

The treadmill was up and running at 1:30. Ryan went down for a nap about 1:15. Brooke didnt go until 2:00. Ryan only sleeps for about an hour so I decided to hop on and try it out to see what happened. I ran the first mile slow and easy, about 11:32 (5.2). Then he started to stir. I kept increasing my pace until I got to 5.7 because I couldn't get off after only one mile. So as he hollered I ran an additional .5 miles before I got off to grab one angry baby :)

The end result was 1.5 miles. But it felt good ... and I got to do it in my own home! And I can run again later if I wanted. Or tomorrow. Or this weekend.


Ok, gotta go apologize to the baby. He is still mad.


kilax said...

Yay for running and the new treadmill! :)

Blumster said...

Yay for running!!!! :)

By the way - quick question for you. I can't figure out how to get the bar on the bottom of my posts to share stuff via FB, twitter, etc. Do you know how to add it?(I started a new blog today and it automatically appeared there, but it's not on blogandwhitecookie.) Thanks!!

lifestudent said...

Blumster ... Mine was automatically added by the blog format I chose too! Go into your "edit layout" and click on the post option. There are a bunch of choices on there and one of them is for sharing ...

Jess said...

Yay for the treadmill arriving and for squeezing in a short run!