March 6, 2011

Even A Laughing Baby Couldn't Fix This

Despite the fact he can go long stretches without eating and has slept through the night for weeks now, the little guy has been making me miserable at night. Last night was a real doozy!

Asleep at 8:00PM, but up at...
1:45AM (this was Brooke, who is sick, so she had an excuse)
6:00AM (for the day)

Im so confused! A newborn sleeps better than this! And more importantly, this lack of sleep impacts both my physical and mental state. This treadmill (due in two days!) is going to haunt me. Its been four months since Ryan was born and I need to do more to get my body back in shape ... but with these nights I feel like I just got home from the hospital with my new baby a few days ago :)


Blumster said...

I feel your pain!!! Lorelei just went through the same thing -- I think "they" call it four-month sleep regression. It suuuucks! She still doesn't sleep through the night, btw. Ugh.

Good luck with your running -- I haven't run this little in years and I hate it!

Michelle said...

Ahhhhhh I'm sorry! That sleep schedule looks terrible. I hope it gets better

lifestudent said...

Ha. How can they "regress" when they dont even sleep that well in the first place? Those little sinkers ;)

I do have to say that Ryan has been a good sleeper, so I'm assuming its just a phase. My sanity will be regained ... someday.

Lin said...

My 5 month old started doing the same thing recently - up/down/up/down all night. My Dr. said even though teeth are a ways off, her gums are probably sore and bothering her already. Maybe you have the same issue on your hands. Good luck!

Kerrie T. said...

I so remember this and feel your pain. Sending sleepy thoughts your way...