February 27, 2011

Bad News, Good News, More Bad News, More Good News

Another chaotic weekend in my life leads to a similar (and expected outcome).

Bad News
Brooke had an accident Friday night that led to four hours in the ER. I got home at 11:30PM with a wired two-year-old who had four stitches in her chin.

Good News
Despite a day filled with 30 minute naps, Ryan made a turn for the better Friday night and slept a "normal" night. He went down at 8pm, 4:30 to eat and then up for the day at 6:15.

Bad News
Despite Ryan's good night, I didnt get into bed until midnight, had to get up a few hours later to feed him, and then up for the day just a short time later. I was BEAT. It was snowing outside and I actually pondered going for a run, figuring that Brooke would sleep in late. As the thought popped into my head I heard Brooke stirring. Despite going to bed at 11:30PM, she was up at 6:30AM, about 4 hours less sleep than a typical night! The day was rough, the snow never stopped, and I never went for a run.

Last night I got in bed early and was asleep by 9:30, exhausted. Ryan got up at 12:30 crying, 2:30 to eat, and 5:45 for the day. Despite my early bedtime it just wasnt enough after a bit of a hectic weekend. I've been beat. Obviously, week two of Hal Higdons 8 week training program was a total fail, with zero miles clocked.

Good News
I finally sucked it up and bought a treadmill. I ordered it online and hope it will be here soon. I'm hoping it changes my opportunities a little bit, without having to leave home to have to squeeze in a run. It's not going to help when I'm exhausted, but it will make a difference on those days when I get both kids to sleep. Without having to leave the house I lose a good portion of my excuses and hope to finally get back on track.


kilax said...

I am so sorry that Brooke got hurt, but happy she is okay!

And yay for the treadmill! I bet it will help a lot :)

Jess said...

Sorry that Brooke got hurt! And it sucks that you've had virtually no sleep for a week now, but yay for the treadmill! Hope it helps!