January 24, 2011

Upping My Game ... A Little Bit

I figured since its been a couple of weeks now I should do a little more with the abs workout. Last week I increased my planks from 15 to 20 seconds, but havent done anything other than that. This week I added one more exercise (the Roll Down) and went from 10 to 15 reps per leg on the TransVersus Abdominus. And, I squeezed all of them in during naps today!

Torso Extensions or “Press Ups” 10 reps
Superman – upper & lower body 20 reps
Front Plank – from toes 20 second, 3X
Bird Dogs – limbs off centered 15 reps, holding 10 sec ach
Segmental Hip Bridges 10 reps, 2X
Pelvic Floor Gliding Contractions 120 seconds
Torso Rolls 60 seconds
TransVersus Abdominus (TVA) 15X each leg, 3X
Crunches 15reps, 3X
Roll Downs 10 reps
Modified Pushup 10reps, 2X
Cats & Dogs 10reps