January 21, 2011

Partial Workout, No Workout, It All Works Out?

I got in about 3/4 of my abs workout yesterday. I got both kids down again and got about 1/2 way through before Ryan was having a fit. Later in the night I got a little bit more done, and then Brooke was needing some attention. Something is better than nothing.

Except this morning, nothing will have to do. I had registered to try out that indoor post-natal class this morning, which should work pretty nicely with Brooke's schedule. The issue is, its NEGATIVE 18 DEGREES OUT with the windchill. I already have to expose both kids to the elements to get Brooke to and from school, but figure it would be dumb to also run Ryan around to this class and then wherever/whatever I do in between the class and Brooke's pickup time. Today I think I should just drop her off and come home until its time to go back out. No reason to expose ourselves to this stuff any more than necessary :)

It actually stinks because I was mentally prepared to get my butt into gear this morning. I'm dressed in my workout clothes and ready to go and was going to go regardless. But the more I thought about it I just figured it was a pretty selfish move with two little ones. I'm wondering if I should even risk bringing Brooke out in the stuff even for school...


Jess said...

That is dang cold! Good luck buddling everyone up just for the necessities!

Kristina said...

Could you do some exercises at home? Maybe lunges, body weight squats, pushups, and planks?