January 19, 2011

It's All In The Timing

Brooke usually goes for her nap about 1:30, but on days where she has school (Wed & Fri) its more like 2:00 by the time I get her wound down and into bed. Today was no different, she was in bed at 2:00. But, she didnt fall asleep until 3PM. She called me into her room to tuck a doll under the blankets, to get her some water, and then again for no reason at all. She followed that by a good 30 minutes of singing and talking to herself.

Generally that would be a bad thing. And, it sort of is. She sleeps for 1.5 - 3 hours, depending on the day. Going to sleep at 3 makes her nap pretty late, likely impacting her bedtime. She will still wake up the same time tomorrow regardless of what time she goes to bed, so essentially she ends up with less sleep at night. That generally translates to a cranky girl, and since she is very prone to temper tantrums this week ... cranky is not good. But, today it was sort of good as well!

Ryan was sleeping at her usual 1:30 naptime. I assumed he would be awake during her nap. While that's not unusual, it makes my day a whole lot longer when I dont get a single minute without catering to the needs of one of my tiny bosses. By the time Brooke actually fell asleep, it was time for Ryan to eat again. He fell asleep shortly after, about 3:30, giving me a bit of quiet time!

Torso Extensions or “Press Ups” 10 reps
Superman – upper & lower body 20 reps
Front Plank – from toes 20 second, 3X
Bird Dogs – limbs off centered 15 reps, holding 10 sec ach
Segmental Hip Bridges 10 reps, 2X
Pelvic Floor Gliding Contractions 120 seconds
Torso Rolls 60 seconds
TransVersus Abdominus I (TVA) 10X each leg, 3X
Crunches 15reps, 3X
Modified Pushup 10reps, 2X
Cats & Dogs 10reps

So I squeezed in my ab workout while watching a really horrible movie on television. Oh well, if I cant have all of my stars align, a few is just fine ;)


Tricia said...

great job getting in the workout

Jess said...

Glad the timing worked out well!

Jennifer P said...

I am still waiting for all of my stars to align....:)