January 18, 2011

Everyone Does Their Own Thing

While Brooke was sleeping off her latest temper tantrum (all because I told her she couldnt watch Diego)...

He was doing this
She was doing this
And I did this
Torso Extensions or “Press Ups” 10 reps
Superman – upper & lower body 20 reps
Front Plank – from toes 20 second, 3X
Bird Dogs – limbs off centered 15 reps, holding 10 sec ach
Segmental Hip Bridges 10 reps, 2X
Pelvic Floor Gliding Contractions 120 seconds
Torso Rolls 60 seconds
TransVersus Abdominus I (TVA) 10X each leg, 3X
Crunches 15reps, 3X
Pushup 10reps, 2X
Cats & Dogs 10reps

I did make one change, I moved up to 20 seconds on the planks. Yay!

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