June 4, 2010

Wild N Crazy Friday Night

I had a personal training appointment with trainer #2 tonight, the one that originally stood me up. My appointment was at 7:30 and she was there when I got there ... the owner of the studio was too. Of course, everyone was super nice to me. I dont get my butt kissed very often and it felt kind of nice, although overly obvious.

Anyway, I filled out paperwork and did maybe 30 minutes of a workout. I have 2 more free sessions with them till I need to decide what to do. I already have a 8-session package with the trainer who comes to my home, but there are pros and cons to each situation. Sometimes its nice to get out of the house, but going to a studio means I cant make an apt until 7:30 or 8:00PM. That can be an issue. Not only am I tired at that time, but I usually have a belly full of garbage, as was the case tonight.

We generally go out to eat on Friday nights at the same place every week. It our little family dinner outing. My husband made sure I was ok with going before training and I figured it wouldnt be a big deal. We usually get there at 5:30 and are out no later than 6:30. We arrive when it isnt crowded and the service is always great, so it shouldnt have been a problem. Well, of course, things were a bit different this evening.

It took us a while to get out the door. Then Brooke (who walks the 2-or-so-blocks to the restaurant) had to stop at EVERYTHING and look at it or touch it. She had to step on every pile of dirt, on a water sewer cover, walk along the brick wall of a garden, smell many flowers, etc. It must have taken us 20 minutes to walk those 2 blocks. Then, the service was lousy. It took forever to get our food! Essentially, we walked out of there at 7, and I probably took my last bite of food at 6:59. So we walked home and I had to change and head right back out. I walked into that training appointment with about 2 lbs of pasta and water in my stomach. It made working out just a little bit challenging ;)

I made another appointment for next Thursday at 8:00PM. Hopefully I can avoid the same dinner mistake this time around ... especially since it will be a full hour of training versus some sort of quick getting-to-know-you workout!

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