June 1, 2010

It Wasn't Me...Part 3

Ok, this is getting tiresome, but I do have some more excuses to throw out today. I didnt get to yoga over the weekend because of the holiday. No biggie, right? I had my personal trainer scheduled for today and she had a bunch of stuff hit the fan and had to cancel on me. She was totally willing to reschedule but I dont have any availability the rest of this week. So we put it off until Monday.

So after an intro training session last Tuesday that left me sore for the entire rest of the week I have lapsed back into couch-potato-ness. I have been meaning to call the other studio back and pick up those three free sessions but keep blowing it off. Since I signed with the other trainer for 8 sessions I was a bit worried about trying to manage two trainers. Then I realized, it is really so bad if I have to exercise more than once a week? So I called them today and scheduled a session for Friday night at 7:30. Its pretty nice to be able to get a session on a Friday night ... especially when you are the type of person who wouldnt be doing anything else otherwise.

So thats where I am. Still sitting around waiting for some sort of sign I guess. But now I have a training Friday night, (the intention to go to) yoga on Saturday or Sunday) and training again on Monday. So I think there will be a lot of crying and whining about this time next week!

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