May 17, 2010

Opinions Please?

I had to move my personal training apt that was scheduled for tomorrow until next Tuesday. Its a long story that I will get into at another time ... but first things first.

Because I had to move the appointment, and had a feeling I was going to miss yoga tonight, I started getting ticked again about the screw up with that personal training studio. I said I was going to post bad reviews about them, but I never did ... until today. I found them on Yelp and there was only one review (a very short 4 star review that I'd bet was from someone they know). After my one star review they went down to two stars. A pretty huge dent in a new businesses profile ;)

Tonight I get a message through Yelp. A pretty long, rambling message. It's from the owner of the business who says she had a wrong number for me and has been trying to get in touch with me. She gave me one of those last-minute-emergency excuses for the personal trainer that I had an appointment with. She offered me three free personal training sessions. She asked me to come back in so they could prove themselves to me, and then (essentially) asked me to resubmit another Yelp review. That social media stuff is pretty powerful ;)

I'm torn.

Do I go in? Do I look like a sucker? Is the awkwardness of what happened too much to start off a personal relationship like one involved in training? I know I wanted an apology, but I expected one the day after. Its been weeks, I posted a bad review, I've let the steam build, and I've scheduled another personal trainer for next week now. I'm confused. I guess I dont know what I should do here!

Note: The personal trainer I have coming next week is supposed to work with me for a couple of weeks until her boot camp starts in June, with a date she seems unsure of. She doesnt appear to have a lot of availability for me, but I expressed interest in this upcoming bootcamp that shouldnt be much more than 4-6 weeks away.


CaseyB said...

If you feel like your comment was accurate even though you were a little upset when you wrote it, I don't think there's any reason to change anything. If you feel like you wrote it in a bad mood and maybe didn't give them the full benefit of the doubt, now would be the time to give them a 2nd chance.

I think the only way I would resubmit a new review to Yelp was IF you a) decided to go to the 3 appointments, b) were so impressed you decided to stay at their facility long term, and c) felt like a new review was in order based on the other long term evidence. They messed up. You don't owe them a good review just because no one else has reviewed them.

Bethany + Ryan said...

Ehh I don't think I would go back. they only want u to go back so u'll write a better review, sorry but its true. The "I had the wrong phome #, I've been trying to contact u" excuse doesn't realluy work anymore in 2010 when its so easy to look up ppl and get in touch with anyone as long as u know their first and last name.
If u did go back, I'm sure ud get the royal treatment but again, u know why. Yes they r new and I'm sure there r some kinks to be worked out but I say let them try to work it out with someone else.

Anonymous said...

I think it'd be hard, but it'll save a lot of money and they did apologize after all...I had a similar situation with a doctor's office, but the doctor herself called to apologize, which was huge to me (nothing free though). I actually took down some stuff down I'd written on my facebook and blog on my own. I'd give it a try and update your review, but not remove the other afterwards.

Jamie said...

It doesn't seem as if you wrote the review in the heat of the moment so it's a true for you review. The fact that they only contacted you after the bad review is a bit sketch. I would ask what number they had for you and if truly was a wrong number issue maybe take them up on the 3 free sessions. However is you don't feel comfortable going there it is not worth it at all!

lifestudent said...

I was thinking what Bethany + Ryan said ... how could they not have my number? I figured maybe initially when I called in, they didnt write my last name down and could have put my number down wrong. But I clearly remember when I called and left the voice mail (minutes after I got stood up) that I left my first and last name.

So I think that 1) they should have caller ID, right? and 2) I just looked myself up on and there are only 2 people with my name in the city of Chicago.

Hubby says they might not have Caller ID. Right, its a business isnt it??? He also said that since they are a new business maybe they just didnt think of it. I think he gives them too much room to wiggle ;) Perhaps they couldt figure out how to spell my last name. Its a common name, but I cant explain how many people spell it wrong or pronounce it wrong.

Either way, I'm still thinking the "we didnt have the right number for you" is total BS!

Jess said...

Take advantage of the free sessions and if you feel as though they deserve a new review, then do so.

Anonymous said...

If they are trying to make it right, then I would at least give them a shot. If they continue messing up after this, then I would go elsewhere. You figure at this point, you should get some A+ service!