May 17, 2010

Well, It STARTED Off As A Good Day

Brooke was good all day. Sure, she has a cold, but she was in good spirits and we managed to get through fine. When Daddy came home, she was happy to see him and ran around the house. Then I started cooking her dinner. She wanted me to pick her up while I was working on the stove, which she does when she is feeling needy (like when sick). I told her I couldnt, so Daddy picked her up. She basically cried from that point forward - starting around 5:15.

I was supposed leave for yoga at 5:45, by this time she was hyperventilating. Obviously, I didnt go.

I gave her a bath, and hoped she would feel better. She was fine until I tried to rinse the soap out of her hair. That set off the 2nd tailspin of the evening. She cried through the bath, through getting dressed, and kept crying until she passed out on my shoulder. I tried to bring her up to bed but she woke up and started crying. We then read a couple of books in her room, and she was fine ... until she accidentally head butted me and started crying again.

I finally got her down to bed. She has been sleeping pretty soundly for a while now. We have noticed that she isnt sucking her thumb (something she does to soothe herself) and I think that is part of the issue. Right now its cracked and bleeding from so much sucking the other night - which could make it painful to suck on now. She also has a stuffy nose, which can make sucking a thumb impossible (since there is no other way to breathe at that point!).

Anyway, plans never go the way you expect. We will see whats on tap for tonight and tomorrow within the next few hours ;)


MCM Mama said...

Poor little one! Hope she feels better soon!

Lorian said...

So happy hour started the minute after Brooke went to sleep? So sorry she is still and hope she feels better!