May 16, 2010

Sick Baby, Sleepless Night, Yogaless Day

Brooke was sicke two weeks ago, and she is sick again! Saturday morning we had a great morning with some fun time at the park. Brooke was in her usual good sprirts and having a good time. During her nap she started coughing. Oh no. She always starts out a new illness with nightime or naptime coughing :(

After her nap she still seemed like she was doing pretty good, but all that changed at night. She was up all night. Coughing. Tossing. Turning. Crying. The coughing is not that unusual for her during a cold, but the crying was unreal. Finally at 1AM I went into her room with some children's ibuprofin. I figured either she had a fever, a sore throat, or some sort of massive teething. I walked into her room and she got up and ran at me with her arms open. We rocked and read books for 45 minutes. She wanted to party when I put her back to bed :(

I got back in at 1:45 and she did a bit less crying from that point. She still did a lot of tossing and turining and had a lot of restless sleep. That means I did too.

It was an exhausting evening for all of us. She has been sick all day, but as a fighter, has tried to remain positive. She is in her crib right now - coughing, tossing and turning. It will likely be another long night for all of us once again.

Needless to say, I didnt make my intended yoga class today. Instead, I had a cuddly toddler on my lap, watching some Dora the Explorer. There is a class tomorrow night, but I need to play things one moment at a time. We will see how tonight goes, and how my little one manages through the day tomorrow. I'm hoping for an overnight miracle and that when I wake up that the drippy nose, glossy eyes, cough and rosey cheeks are gone.


Sarah said...

Poor girl!! Hope she is feeling better soon!

kilax said...

Poor Brooke :( I hope she feels better soon!