June 17, 2010

What Now?

I finished my third free session of training and now am down to one trainer. I still have some sessions left with her and am having a hard time evaluating the two trainers and working out a long term plan. Both are similar, and yet different. Thought I would try to compare for my own analysis.

Trainer 1
Location: My Home
Times: During nap - 1:3PM0
Length of Session: 1 Hour
Stretching: Does not include, tells me to stretch after she leaves
Cost: More for 8 "sessions", but I think its less per minute

Trainer 2
Location: Studio
Times: 7:30 or 8:00PM
Length of Session: 45 Min
Stretching: Stretching during workout, after most exercises
Cost: Less for 8 "sessions", but more per minute. I'm not sure that the sessions are actually 45 minutes but I sent an email to her to verify it.

I'm not positive how long the sessions really are with trainer 2. I think they are 45 minutes or so because I'm home in less than an hour. I'm going to check with her to be sure.

Their personalities are very different, but still similar. They are both mothers, both "experts" in pre and post natal fitness. I do a lot of the same exercises with both. I think that trainer 1 pushes me a bit more. I dont stretch on our time and am supposed to stretch after - which gives me a good, long workout. But due to my current weakness and lack of motivation to stretch, maybe thats not such a great thing :( I'm still wondering if I should have them both to balance their differences. And now that I'm down to just one workout a week I need to make a decision fast!

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Tricia said...

good luck with your decision!