June 10, 2010

Personal Training Getting a Wee Bit Better

So I have had two training sessions with each of the two trainers. The first ones were more introductory and "easy" and yet I was sore for days. The second ones were more challenging, and I had to bust my butt, but the aftermath was quite better. I've been working out twice a week and feeling a lot better ... both physically and mentally. I am not sure how to proceed with the training after next week though!

I have one trainer on Monday afternoon and the other on Tuesday evening. After that point, my three free sessions for training are over. I like the fact that I train twice a week because it guarantees me moving that many times a week. The issue is the cost. Personal training isnt cheap and doing it twice a week sure doesnt get any cheaper.

As for comparing the trainers, I'd say they are very similar. Bubbly and chatty, both experts in pre and post natal fitness. Both are very fit themselves, which is important, because I've seen a great many "personal trainers" that sure look like the should be hitting the gym a bit themselves. One comes to my house, the other I walk about two blocks to the studio. Thus far, I havent used any equipment at the studio that I couldnt have (or dont already have) at home. The one that comes to my house is a decent amount more expensive than the one at the studio, which is partly because she comes to my house but also because her rates are higher regardless.

I need to make sure I make a plan this week, because I dont want to end up back on the couch again!

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