May 12, 2010

Plans Changed, But I Did Something

I stalled and screwed around about the pilates class. I was worried about a 6 week commitment at a place I had never been at a time that would mean I'd have to leave Brooke once a week ;) I called this morning to see if I could drop in to check it out and was told the class was full. Arrrh. Then I noticed they had a 7:15 drop in yoga class and decided to check that out instead.

So I went and checked out this new studio and really liked it. The yoga class was really small - the classes I have taken at the other studio usually have about 20 people in them, but this one only had three ... including me. It was a pretty new place and everything was really nice. The class was a bit easier than what I had done in the past, with more focus on stretching and poses that were a bit easier than I was used to. Since I haven't done a single thing in forever and havent done yoga in a great deal longer than that, having an easier class was good for me. I'm not too sure if it stayed that easy how I'd feel about it once I got back in the game.

Anyway, I did something today. I'm talking (via email) to a personal trainer who is also running a bootcamp in Jume, but doesnt seem to have a clue when its actually going to start. I'm still ticked at that personal training studio for ruining my master plan but know that something will fall into place someday soon.

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