April 19, 2010

Some New Directions

As some of you mentioned, I might need a little more (and maybe different) direction ;) Running is one of the best things for me for a few reasons:
1) I dont need a gym membership (and dont have one)
2) I dont need any equipment (other than what I've got)
3) It ends up being the least time consuming, because I can start and stop at my front door. Any other "30 minute" workout always involves commutes, waiting for machines, or whatever else.
4) I can go "whenever I want", meaning I dont have to schedule it or reserve it ... important for someone who has a hard time finding free minutes.

But, I guess I'm just not that into it right now. Instead, the only form of exercise I'm getting is toddler chasing. While its better than nothing, its definitely more about her than me.

I'm doing a couple of things to help me find my way:
- Looking into upcoming races
- Thinking about a yoga class
- Going in to check out a new personal training gym right around the corner from me

I'm giving myself 1 week to figure out SOMETHING. Maybe a personal deadline will give me a little extra push ;)

1 comment:

Jess said...

I like running for all the same reasons you listed, but it can become redundant if it's all you do. Do you have cable? If so, there's exercise ON Demand, and there's all kinds of programs on there. Maybe peruse something there to change it up a bit.