April 15, 2010

Comeback = FAIL

I've been avoiding the blog, mostly out of guilt. Then Amanda commented about my proficiency in excuse-making and I figured it was time for another one ;)

The "great comeback" was a no-go. I felt lousy over the weekend and just didnt run. No real excuse this time other than I just couldn't muster the will. I'm not quite sure what to do next. I've been a bit overwhelmed lately and though I actually DO want to run, I am leery about trying to fit it into my schedule.

The weather has been great here and that definitely puts a damper on my excuses. Although, Brooke has been waking up dreadfully early lately and I'm just pooped. Perhaps that is part of my excuse. Right now, I dont have a new plan. This weekend is a bit busy and I'm not sure if I will get a run in with my running partner. In addition, since its been a long time since I last ran ... I wouldnt be able to go out for more than 3. I'm not sure she wants to waste her time with that low distance.

So ... I've got nothing. No real agenda, no upcoming races. My sister mentioned a 5K in June, but I'm hoping I'll get back into gear long before that ;)


Jess said...

You probably need to sit down and think carefully about why you WANT to run and what kind of goals you have for it. If you come up with zilch, why not pursue a different form of exercise and take a break from running for a spell?

Tricia said...

I agree with Jess.

Hang in there hun.

robison52 said...

"No upcoming races" is the key...I find that having a race, like a 5k race, and excellent goal as to keep me motivated...what's your best 5k time? Did you ever run a 5k race in March...what was that PR? 5k's are easy to train for with little mileage, and so motivational!

Lorian said...

I have found the best medicine for running blahs is signing up for a race. It really does get you motivated and give you another reason to run. You may also just need to change up some running goals. Good luck!!