April 29, 2010

I Swear, I'm Still Here

I'm making progress, as I promised to make some moves by the end of last week ... I have, but those moves are "scheduled", not in action ;) I start at the personal trainer on Monday night, but its for a preliminary tour and 30 minute fitness assessment. I then have to hear their pitch and decide if I want to invest the time and energy into a weekly personal training session. I'm thinking I really do, they are super close and can schedule me at night, but I cant commit without taking a peek first. As for the yoga, I'm definitely going to do it. The issue is that I have to do it on Sundays or Monday nights - so Brooke can hang out with Daddy. We just have to figure out which option is the best for our family.

My plan is to go to the trainer on Monday night and then (hopefully) start both Yoga and training the following week. Technically, that does mean I'm giving myself about 2 more weeks of rest. Oops. But, after those two weeks I'll be back up to activity 2X a week. That activity will be much more varied that it has been for me in quite a while, and hopefully will stimulate me to get some other things into gear as well.

I'm getting there ...

Now only if I could make some progress on this dissertation hanging over my head.

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Mandy said...

I started with a personal trainer in February, once a week also, and it was the greatest thing ever! Not only does it ensure that I go in the gym that day and work my butt off, it ensures that I keep up with my other workouts as well. What's the point of paying for it if it's not going to work!? :)