March 11, 2010

What Stinks About City Running

Yesterday, after complaining about the weather and my broken jogging stroller, something happened. Somehow after a 45 degree morning we hit into the 60's in the afternoon. This added to my guilt, and I popped Brooke into the stroller for a little cruise. Since I complained about the stroller and the fact that I couldnt run with a flat tire, I decided to do something about it. We went to the neighborhood bike shop, which is literally around the corner.

We got there, and were promptly rejected. I guess the people that work there didnt realize that when it hits the 60's in Chicago we no longer expect you to be on "winter hours" :) Instead, we hit Starbucks for an ICED latte and a cookie, and walked a bit more. We got home and Brooke insisted on getting out of her stroller and stretching her legs. This was a bad idea. She took off down the street and found a little girls bike. She was all over the thing and I couldnt get her away. The mom (who was down the street) noticed Brooke eying it and said she could play with it (despite the protests of her little girl). Since I couldnt get her away from it anyway, I let her try to figure out what to do with it instead.

She first attempted to hop on it backwards.
Then she gave it a shot the "right" way.

And when she finally realized she was too little for it, she decided just to push it.

After I finally got her away, we went home to get ready from a visit from our (now living in London) friend, Patrick. He brought over a box of Cadbury minis and I've been eating them ever since. I dont know if I love him or hate him right now.

What The Heck Does All This Have To Do With The Post Title??
Today wasnt as nice as yesterday, but it was still 50 degrees. After the guilt I have felt the past two days for not running, all the excuses I have made, and all the Cadbury I have eaten ... I got a run in while my sitter was here today :)

Running Log
Time:30:58   Distance:2.85mi   Pace:10:53

I got home at 2:45 and had my sitter until 3:30. I got ready as fast as I could and got out the door at about 3:00. I was going to try to squeeze in three ... until I got held up by NINE stoplights. I forgot what it was like to run during the day with all my night running, and today I was pretty much running during rush hour. There was street traffic everywhere and the lights were shorter to monitor that traffic. Every time I approached a light it was either red or turning red. I ran through a total of three lights. Thus, I shortened the run and did a bit less than three miles.

So my pacing is all screwed up for today. I dont know how long my "waiting time" was, but it was more then a few seconds considering I stopped at almost every light along my route :) Either way, I got a run in ... and more importantly. I was running in short sleeves. YAY!


Jess said...

Some days, when I want the break, I wish for red lights but get nothing but greens, but then on the days when I'm hoping to cruise through my run, I seem to hit every red light.

MCM Mama said...

I think I'd have resorted to just running around the same block LOL.

Kerrie T. said...

Way to get it done! I am failing on the night running. I'm a big chicken.

Lisa said...

Aww, shes so cute. I miss that age. Nice job on the run.

Carly said...

Great job on the run. I am with you on all of the red light, I seem to hit everyone of them or cannot catch a break at an intersection. The break is sometimes nice but most of the time I lose my mojo.

kilax said...

LOL at Brook and the trike! What a cutie!

I ran downtown on Tuesday and the stoplight at Lake Shore Drive was KILLING me. I swear, you wait for 4 minutes there, no joke! Wah!