March 10, 2010

I Had A Dream

I must have went to bed feeling guilty last night (especially because I ate 3 chocolate chip cookies after deciding not to run) and had a dream about taking Brooke out today in the jogging stroller. Its getting warmer here (and by "warmer", I mean in the 40's) so its possible to venture out.

I only tried it once or twice last summer. There are two issues. 1) Though you can run with my stroller, its more of an all-terrain type to handle Chicago streets, curbs, and winter. This means its not particularly smooth in maneuvering, and, more importantly, the stroller is on the heavier side. 2) My kid is also on the heavier side. If I thought it was hard last summer running with her, guess what its like now that she is almost pushing 30 lbs?

I convinced myself it wouldnt be that bad. I could do it. I would run slow and Brooke would appreciate the fresh air. Then I woke up. I realized that:
A: 45 degress is still pretty darn cold
B: Its raining all day today
C: 30 lbs, no matter how tough you are, is a lot of extra weight to push around
D: My stroller has a flat tire anyway

Technically, I gave up that idea, but did come to terms with the possibility that Brooke and I might have to go for a run or two when it gets nicer out. So I checked into how to get my tire repaired. At least thats something!

World's Laziest Dog: Pic of The Day


Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

I always see mothers and fathers here in Florida running with the stroller. (It is always a bit depressing when a mom passes me pushing one.)

Have fun when you are able.

Bethany + Ryan said...

i wish my sister would get one of those stollers so i could run with my nephew! Yes, 1 week closer to Boston, eek we need to post!!

lifestudent said...

Adam - I had a woman with a dualie (double stroller) AND a dog blow past me once. I'll never forget it :(

Bethany & Ryan - you should talk your sis into it. Its an extra workout for you and she might appreciate a little free babysitting ;)

kilax said...

Like Adam, I have gotten passed (at a race!) by someone pushing a stroller.

You have a few days to fix the tire. We're supposed to get rain, rain, and oh, more rain ;)