March 9, 2010

Skipped A Run Before Even Fully Commiting To It

We have plans tomorrow night, the night I have been doing my mid-week run. Since I have only been running 2X a week, its not such a good idea to skip it. I decided earlier today that I should actually run 2X midweek in addition to this weekend, because I think (if I remember my last conversation with my running partner) we were going to try to do a 6-miler this weekend. So I should run today and Thursday, with my longer run on Saturday or Sunday.

This morning started off with another early morning wake-up. Unfortunately, Brooke appears to have become extremely sensitive to noises in the morning and waking up with even the smallest things. She used to sleep until 7AM, but lately its been closer to 6AM. Last night I didnt get in bed until 11PM, and she woke up at 6:20 this morning.

Her early wake-ups make for a long day. By lunchtime we had been playing for 6 HOURS already and her mood hit a sour note. She spent most of lunch crying in her high chair and went down for her nap in a cranky mood. She woke up great, but didn't sleep long. And her mood again went sour later in the day.

On the nights I run, Jeff puts Brooke to bed so I can get out around 7. For the past few nights she has been crying when he tries to take her to bed and calling for "mama" instead. On and off, sometimes we force her to go with Daddy, sometimes we let her win. Because of the sour mood, I knew tonight she wasnt going to let Daddy put her down ... and I was right. I brought her up to bed and she had a horrible time going down, which is unusual for her. She didnt want to read books, then she did. She cried when I told her it was time to sleep and insisted that we "rock" instead. I finally put her in bed and didnt get downstairs until after 7:30.

Its hard enough going out for a run after a long day, but going out at 7:30PM, and then not eating dinner until 8:30PM is just too much for me. So I didnt go for my run after all :(


MCM Mama said...

Sorry she had a rough day and you didn't get out for the run. Hope she gets out of this particular phase soon!

Ashley Perry said...

I am nanny for a family in Istanbul Turkey and I have been running early in the morning before the kids wake up (7am almost on the dot!) but this past week I have had to do my running after the parents get home at night because these little kids also have been getting up earlier and earlier to all sorts of tiny noises!! So I feel your pain!

lifestudent said...

We dont know what to do with her. We tiptoe around and are showering and stuff in a bathroom down the hall (instead of our own room). Nothing seems to work. She has super sonic hearing ;)

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

I am not a pro, but I know that for my 3 children we did different things. For the first one we stayed quiet, and she would wake at the slightest sound. For the second we were semi-quiet, and he woke sometimes. With the third we didn't bother trying to be quiet at all and he sleeps through anything. (This was after we read some articles saying that by being quiet you are actually increasing the child's sensitivity.)