March 13, 2010

A Foggy, Rainy 5

Last night in anticipation of my 5-miler today I ate a family-size serving of spaghetti and meatballs ... all by myself. It was so good and I couldnt stop eating it. Then last night all I could think about was how I was going to run with 2lbs of pasta in my belly. Sleep didnt come easy.

We had a 6:45AM run planned and it was raining on and off all night. I got up at 5:50 (because I couldnt sleep anyway) and saw it was still raining. It wasnt pouring though, and we had agreed to go as long as the weather was fairly cooperative. I prayed it would start pouring and thunderstorming so I didnt have to run, but no luck.

When we left for our run it had cleared up, but then started again as soon as we got to the lake. It rained off and on for the whole 5 miles, but it wasnt as bad as I thought. It was so foggy we couldnt see far in front of us, and the lakefront buildings (which are 20+ stories high) werent visable above 2-3 stories. It made for an interesting run. And, of course, I was really glad to be out there once I was in the middle of it :)

Running Log
Time:30:58   Distance:2.85mi   Pace:10:53

1 10:03
2 10:21
3 10:17
4 10:07
5 10:35

My iPhone Runkeeper app has an audio cue. After mile one it said that we clocked in at 10:03. I explained to Gina that if we kept up that pace I'd likely die. We slowed down a bit, but then it ended up being quite a bit ... mile 2 was 10:21. We turned around at 2.5 miles or so and headed right into the windy rain, and I'm surprised mile 3 ended up being as fast as it was due to the resistance! And though you are supposed to finish strong, mile 5 was the slowest. BUT I think I know the reason. Sure, I was tired and ready to quit. But I pulled out my iPhone to check our distance at 4.72 miles. We had to keep running just a bit to make it 5. Whenever I do that my pace ends up very slow, combined with watching the clock and knowing its just a few more feet. So, essentially, that's my excuse. I think its pretty believable.


Sarah said...

Great times! I have a long run is supposed to rain all day...ick. :(

Anonymous said...

Good run and times! You did great! At least you got the run over with in the morning.

Jamie said...

Yesterday was a crappy day. Nice job getting out there and running! I was a wuss and went to the gym :)