January 14, 2010

"Winter Warrior" Overheats

I decide to head out for three plus miles tonight and I was going to get out by 7PM. Instead I got out around 7:30. And after I started running I realized that (as usual) I didnt fuel properly. I guess two lattes and a Starbucks sandwich (new hot panini, which was pretty good) at 12:00PM was not quite the right way to get my body for a run.

It's been warming up here and was above freezing tonight. Technically, its pretty darn warm for a Chicago winter. I had a hard time figuring out what to wear because I have been running in sub-zero temps recently, so at the last minute I threw on an extra shirt. I had three layers on top (all thin) and my running tights (but the warm ones). Starting out my hands were actually a bit cold. Then before I knew it I was practically melting. I hit quite a few stoplights (by "quite a few" I mean every stinking stoplight on my path) and actually was glad to have the time to stop and cool down a bit. I was that hot.

To top off the late start, poor fuel, and overheating ... my Runkeeper application did not announce my time at the one mile marker (it was set to announce at every mile). I was randomly running a route and counting on the mile announcement to let me know where I was. I kept running and running and running and didnt hear the pacing/time announcement. I had to pull out my iPhone and check it out - I had gone 1.6 miles. All of my concern about the distance I had run added to my confusion and made my run feel extremely long. I ended up cutting it a bit short in distance, but my time was still outrageous due to the fact I sat at stoplights for half my run :)

Running Log
Time:34:34   Distance:3.30mi   Pace:10:29

1 10:06
2 10:11
3 11:21

I did my best to avoid lights the first mile and my pacing was pretty reflective of that ... I still did hit one short one during that time. I hit another one or two during mile two and during mile three I stopped at one major one and then got caught up in a three way intersection. I literally had to wait at two stoplights at one intersection, due to my stupid decision. I felt guilty for all of the sitting and waiting and also for the slow pace on a three miler so decided to take an extra turn and run a bit more. I turned left and ran for a few blocks and then turned right to head home in a loop. I hit another stoplight. Because I couldnt handle watching my pace slow down anymore and was embarassed about the time I had wasted sitting at stoplights I just stopped my watch and walked the rest home.

It wasnt the best run I have ever had and now reflecting on it it seems even worse! As for Saturday, I have convinced my friend Patti to run an extra two miles with me ... so while our training team is doing 8 we are going to to 10.

Thanks for all of your advice. It was pretty unanimous that I should do more than the recommended 8 this weekend with a 1/2 only a two long runs away.


Anonymous said...

I am guilty of not fueling properly before my training runs all the time. Like I discussed in my blog earlier in the week, I need to start viewing them as important as my race runs. Fueling definitely makes a difference! Good for you for seeing the run through!

Jamie said...

I did the same thing last might. I never know how to dress for the upper 30's!

MCM Mama said...

I'm always overdressed and underfed for late in the day runs. Sigh.

Hope your long runs goes great this weekend.