January 12, 2010

Race Prep Dilemma

Originally our max run was 11 miles (for 1/2 Marathon training) and that was to take place last weekend. Because of the weather the weekend prior (in which training was cancelled) our 11 miler was dropped to a 10 miler. We are now "tapering" with only 2 long runs until race weekend. This weekend is an 8 and I'm guessing next weekend is a 6.

I'm wondering (and questioning) whether 10 miles is a long enough "long run". Should I do more than 8 this weekend? I havent been doing enough runs during the week and feel undertrained for this race. It might be because I literally just signed up for it so I am mentally unprepared, but yet I'm just not sure I have enough distance under my belt to be comfortable with 13.1. What should I do? Run the 8? Run more than 8? Try to run more during the week? Or should I do what I usually do ... kick back with a latte and assume it will all work itself out?

Running Log
Time:29:44   Distance:3.00mi   Pace:9:56

1 10:02
2 9:52
3 9:53

Tonight I didnt even get out till about 7:45. I know I need to run more than 3 every once-in-a-while, but this late in the evening (and without even having dinner yet) it is hard to push myself to stay out there any longer than the bare minimum.

I actually thought I was running really fast during this 3 miler. So finding out that I paced about where I have been pacing lately was a little suprising. I guess thats what you get for a late in the evening run without any fuel ;) Oh well.


MCM Mama said...

I'd probably run at least 10 this weekend. That should still give you a long enough taper. The plan I used for my first half had us run 11 one weekend, five the next, and then the half marathon.

Good luck figuring it out. I'm not really good at sticking to plans. ;o)

Kristin said...

I am rather skeptical about tapering for a half marathon, especially when there hasn't been a high volume of mileage in training. If it were me, I would try to do another long run of at least 10 miles, maybe more. I think there's still plenty of recovery time before the race. Of course, kicking back with a latte is good too! :) (And I'm not really that critical of Valerie Bertinelli, I think it's great that she's running AND raising money for charity!).

Sarah said...

I like the last option...lattes make everything better. :)

I am planning on my first half this spring, so I don't have words of wisdom for you. My friend did her first half last year and has done several since and never did a training run longer than 10. Good luck!!

Tricia said...

I'm not a frequent commenter, but I thought I'd drop a line! For my 1st half-marathon, I was only able to get in a 10 and two 8's; nothing longer, and I was worried about it too. However, I felt great throughout the entire race. If you got in an 8-10ish this weekend AND a latte, you'd probably be fine! ;-) Good luck!

Jamie said...

For my first half I got by on 1 10 miler. But it shouldn't hurt you to throw in another 10 this weekend if you are feeling you need it.

Jess said...

You'll be able to complete the HM distance no matter what, but I too would suggest at least a 10 miler this weekend and then an 8 miler. It's my personal belief that for a half marathon, you don't need much of a taper.

lifestudent said...

I think you are all thinking what I am thinking - that tapering isnt really necessary for a 1/2. Maybe if I was going out there to WIN it, I would plan differently ... but to me its just another long run ;)

Kristin - hahaha. I didnt think you were hating on Valerie. But I still DO think she'll beat my pants off in a race ;)

Bethany + Ryan said...

you'd be FINE to run 10 this weekend. PLENTY of time left! you dont need to taper too much for a half. you could even run 11 if you wanted to but but 10 is far enough. you'll do great. if I was you, i would do 10 this weekend and 8 next weekend.

aron said...

I would run at least 10 this weekend too. I dont think you need to have a 2 week taper for a half, running 10-12 this weekend and then 6 next weekend and then the race would definitely get you there.