January 9, 2010

I Just Registered For A 1/2 Marathon ... 3 Weeks From Now

I now have to races coming up. I registered the other day for the Shamrock Shuffle, an 8K on March 21st. But I also just registered from the ING Miami Half Marathon, which just so happens to be in three weeks. I booked my flight last night and now just have to find a hotel.

I know it seems pretty odd booking a destination race three weeks in advance. But its not like I havent been milling over the decision for months. My friends that I am training with were all going and I was stalling on deciding. I'm not worried about the training - the program I am in is training me for it. My biggest concern is the fact that I have never (not in 15+ months) left my daughter. It's really hard to venture out and do something like this without her. I know her Daddy can manage and she will be happy to spend some time with him, but I also know that I will miss her and think about her like crazy. Its a big step for the both of us, and one I wasnt sure I was ready to make. In fact, I'm still not sure ... but I'm taking the leap and going for it. Over the next few weeks you will likely hear (or read, I should say) me panicking about the upcoming separation :)

Running Log
Time:1:59:20   Distance:10.18mi   Pace:11:43

Today was freezing. Temps read about 2 degrees (with the wind chill) when we started out on our 10-miler. Because of the cold, it was determined that we would run several loops instead of 5 out and 5 back. It was also decided that we would start about .25 miles out from our normal start place ... so we had to run/walk extra ... in the freezing cold. Some genius (our pacer) suggested we cut through a field in which the snow was about 1/2 a foot deep. I started my watch before we went through the field because it would have been to hard in the cold to tinker with it. By the time we got across the field it felt like we had been hiking for miles. We all started off running but ended up walking by the end. We then had to go up a ramp and cross a (slippery) snow covered bridge. Then our group just stood around waiting for others to catch up. Did I mention that it was FREEZING? So we started off and about 2 miles into it (from where I started my watch, but less if you counted our "real start") we hit the manned water/gatorade stop. Again, everyone stopped and milled around. IT WAS FREEZING. WHY WOULD YOU KEEP STARTING AND STOPPING??

We walked throuh the stop, then started running, and decided to ditch our pace group (are you noticing a pattern here?) and just run 5 out and 5 back. Although it wasnt our real start, we counted the 10 from the point before we hiked through the field of snow.

1 14:50
2 11:28
3 11:22
4 10:57
5 10:43
6 12:03
7 10:52
8 11:45
9 10:46
10 12:10

Our pacing was actually pretty consistent in the middle miles, and all sub-11. The only odd one was mile 6, and we actually did walk part of that. We turned around at 5 and then walked a bit while we did some shot blocks and drank some water. Mile 8 we stopped at that manned station for a bit, talked to the nice guy who was out there in the freezing temps manning it, and ate some Swedish Fish (yum). Mile 10 included crossing over that snowy bridge and running on a snowy trail, which slowed us down considerably.

Ultimately, we finished. I think I have fully claimed the title of "Winter Warrior".


kilax said...

You are definitely a Winter Warrior now! Cutting through the deep snow? CRAZY!!!

You will have a great time in Miami! It will be hard to leave Brooke, but I bet the break will feel good :)

MCM Mama said...

I'm freezing just reading about it.

You and your daughter will be fine and you'll have a wonderful time in Miami. I've never actually left my kids with their dad - just with my parents. I really ought to one of these days. ;o)

Jess said...

Yay! We'll have to coordinate either a before or after meet up!

RunToTheFinish said...

YOU ARE COMING TO MIAMI?!??!!!! WE ARE SO MEETING. Ok sorry for the yelling, I'm just very excited!

Sarah said...

You ARE a winter warrior!!! When I left for my 8.5 on Sat it was 12 degrees with a windchill of -3. The only part of me that got cold was my legs...need to find better winter running tights.

Can't wait to hear all about your half!