January 23, 2010

Last Long Run ... Till Miami

Today's scheduled run was 6 with our Winter Warrior team, but we decided to go for 8 (mostly based on the opinions I got from all of you!). It was a balmy 27 here in Chicago, and we honestly were peeling off layers as we ran. How crazy is that? I plan to do a couple of runs during the week, but then 13.1 in quite the different climate. Current weather prediction is for 74 degrees next Sunday. A couple of my friends think I need to do some indoor runs, worried that I wont acclimate very well since all of my running has been outside this winter. It seems like such a hassle to try to do that (without my own treadmill or a gym membership) and I can pretty much guarantee its not going to happen. Hopefully that doesnt lead to some sort of meltdown next weekend, but I'm hoping I'll be ok. I know the new "proactive me" should anticipate the problems I'll have in 74 degree temps and try to do something about it now, but I think I'm going to rely on faith for now.

Today was our last run with the Winter Warrior team. I'm not going to really miss it, as we mostly just ran together with the group of friends I signed up with. But I will miss being able to gripe about that pace leader. I do find joy in whining about things, especially when I am not at the root of the problem. Now what am I going to complain about?

Running Log
Time:1:26:21   Distance:7.85mi   Pace:11:00

Run went the same as usual, our pace leader led us on a much-slower-than-11:00-pace run. We took turns with different pacers and got a little bit faster. We were with our group for about 5.5 miles and did the last 2+ on our own. As usual, we had to walk for like 30 seconds at the turn around, "to hydrate", which I think means that the pace leader was tired and needed to get some rest.

1 11:43
2 11:48
3 11:14
4 11:22
5 11:12
6 10:19
7 10:02

Overall it was a good run, but all four of us really were "done" at 6. It was one of those days were we didnt feel like going the extra distance, but everyone did (because we are Winter Warriors after all). In the end, we rewarded our efforts with pastries and lattes from Starbucks. Not like that was a special reward though, we do it after every Saturday run :)


MCM Mama said...

Good job getting the 8 done! I'd be totally irritated if the pace leader was off by that much. Of course, I got screwed by sticking with a pace leader that tried to catch back up to pace too fast and killed me, so I guess slower is probably better.

Sarah said...

I like your reward! I went to Starbucks right after my run today too. :) I was really stinky though, so I just got a drink at the drive-thru. Can't wait to hear about the race!

Kerrie T. said...

Good luck in Miami! Lucky you!

Bethany + Ryan said...

you put in all the work and next week you will have a GREAT race! good luck!

Jess said...

Nice job getting that last long one done!

The change in temp probably will shock you a bit, especially because it will not only be 74, it will be 74 plus humidity, but the 6 am start helps deal with that. But, I'm sure you'll run fine in the warmth. In fact, my guess is that it will be a welcome to change for you!

meanjean said...

Wow. 74 might be a bit rough, but it may also just be amazing, you know? I just got a free pass and guest pass for FCC gym on Halsted if you want to go pretend to be interested in signing up one day this week and squeeze in a treadmill run? I could also maybe get you a guest pass at my Balleys? On another note, your achievements have been so inspiring that I think im going to run the 13.1 in June. I mean, i'm not a winter warrior, but a summer warrior? i could maybe do that!