January 22, 2010

My One Word New Years Resolution

On our long run last week, my friend (and guest blogger) Patti mentioned that she decided against the typical New Years resolution. I believe her reasoning was something around the fact that setting goals that often are not met just didnt work for her (but I may be misinterpreting). Anyway, she decided instead this year that she wanted to "become more decisive". She hoped to better herself this year by working on an area she believes she lacks strength in.

I have been thinking about this all week, for two reasons. First, when I think of Patti I do not view her as indecisive. In fact, I believe in our relationship she is the more decisive of the two. (I also believe her to be determined, perseverant, and adventurous ... not generally traits of someone lacking in decisiveness.) I think it is interesting how we view ourselves in comparision to how those around us view us. In addition, its interesting how we play different roles in different relationships ... creating a circle of people that can often view us in different ways. For example, my husband would argue that I am also indecesive. In the general scope of things I do not believe this to be true, but with him, I actually often lack decisiveness.

The second reason I have been thinking about this is because I think her idea is a good one. I often do not make the traditional "New Years Resolution" because I hate failure. But there are so many areas I could personally better myself in, and this might be a better focus. So what word defines my area of weakness? Where do I need to improve? After a week of deep thought I think I have my word:

"Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory"
"tending to initiate change rather than reacting to events"

By often not being "proactive" I find myself to be passive. I simply let things occur to me instead of taking charge and making things happen. I debated between the concept of being more proactive and being less of a procrastinator. I am weak in both areas, but do not generally find that the fact that I procrastinate ends up causing me any sort of harm. Its the way I operate. Deadlines work for me when the are looming. I get the laundry done before we all run out of underwear (though, it might be dangerously close). I do procrastinate, but I dont miss opportunites because of this.

In life though, I tend to be more of a passive participant. I do not seek out opportunity or change. I dont get things done before they should be. I dont plan on an event happening and then prepare in advance.

My goal is to think about this year (and the next few years) and try to better prepare myself for whats to come. One of the big ones? The terrible two's which Brooke will hit this year. I want to be prepared for the changes she will go through so that I handle them properly.

I also want to take a better look at my life and "initiate change rather than reacting to events". I keep thinking about the situations in which an individual eats a Big Mac every day for years, and then suffers a heart attack. Suddenly the Big Mac is removed from the diet. I want to remove the Big Mac's of my life right now so that I never have the heart attack ... if that makes sense. I'd like to take better care of my relationships so that I don't lose those relationships in the future. I'd like to eat healthier so that it doesnt catch up with me some day. I'd like to learn how to sew so someday when my daughter makes a crazy request for a Halloween costume I can make exactly what she wants!

What's your weakest area? Do you simply acknowledge that you are weak and move on, or do you try to improve? And if you do try to improve, how do you do it?


Tricia said...

Love your word!

Lisa said...

I like this. Proactive. I like that word.

Carly said...

Ohhh that is a great one!

If I had to do mine in one word it would be confidence.

Jess said...

That's a good resolution!

Kerrie T. said...

Hmmm. Proactive. That's good. I like it.

I'm trying to work on follow-through. I'm a dreamer. I have a new plan every day. I need to work on that.

PS: Thanks for the comment and follow at MvM! I guess I'll have to keep an eye on my virtual tail (which is much smaller, by the way, than it is in reality). Hehehe.