December 8, 2009

Running Dilemma

On top of the recent snow, I have just been a little tired lately. I was sore yesterday from the 9 miler on Sunday and am actually still a little sore today. In addition, Brooke has been waking up an hour early for the past few mornings. On top of that, she has figured out that she can "self soothe" by playing her Gloworm.

While self soothing is really important for babies/toddlers, this particular method is driving me a bit crazy. She used to whimper a bit here and there at night, put her thumb back in her mouth, and go back to sleep. Now she squeezes her Gloworm. And I have a monitor right next to my bed. So each time she plays her Gloworm I hear it. Last night she did it a few times around midnight. A few times around 5:45 am, and then again when she got up. It seems like a regression of sorts. She is a good sleeper, and suddenly she uses/needs this crutch. And this particular crutch may be comforting to her, but its keeping me up at night.

So I didnt go out to run this morning, and maybe couldnt have anyway. It snowed a few inches last night and was still snowing when we got up. That would mean that the streets and sidewalks would still be pretty dangerous. We are expecting more snow tonight. If I can find the energy and time, and beat the next snow, maybe I can run tonight. But, we have a winter weather advisory that isnt making it sound too likely:
periodic light snow early this afternoon will increase in intensity late this afternoon and early this evening. Snow will mix with and change to sleet... then rain this evening. Rain will continue overnight with precipitation changing back to snow Wednesday morning.
Tomorrow morning could be another issue with snows tonight, which brings me to Thursday. Thursday has a projected high of 14 degrees. Sheesh.

This is the dilemma I knew I would face signing up for a Winter running program. I'm not complaining about that fact. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to get my runs in without freezing to death or treading through a foot of snow. Seems to be a bit of an issue this week ;)


kilax said...

I have the same issue (regarding running)... but have a treadmill. Do you?

That is cute that Brooke figured out to squeeze her Gloworn, but I can see how that would be annoying!

Jamie said...

Time to find a silent toy :) good luck with Brooke!

The weather this week is craptacular. The snow is expected to melt then freeze. Oh goody... this is a week to find a treadmill or buy trial gym membership.

Jess said...

Norah has that Glowworm, but she's too little to appreciate it yet.

Good luck trying to fit a run in with all that snow!

BTW, if you're considering the Miami Half, the race fee increases tomorrow (the 9th), so if you want to commit, today's the day! And, if you do decide to do it, let me know so we can arrange a meet-up!

lifestudent said...

Kilax - I dont have a treadmill or a gym membership :( I'm screwed!

Jamie - I agree. I have been having many converstations with my hubby as to how/where we can fit a treadmill. So far we arent having any luck.

Jess - We got the Gloworm when Brooke was prob Norah's age ... and used it as part of her bedtime routine. We would push it and walk out, so she had the light and the music for company. She is pretty much obsessed with it now!

Sarah said...

We are supposed to get snow tonight too...but no nearly as cold as you. I use the treadmill on the bad weather days, but have a hard time doing much more than 3 on just gets so boring!

Jill said...

Snow seems to be the common theme this week. -2 and snowy in Denver today. I have had to resort to the treadmill and am learning that it's just part of life.

Love the cute. My daughter, now 19, still has hers from her infant days, on her bed. :)

Lisa said...

I remember those sounds coming through the baby monitor. I miss them but I also hear you on how they keep you awake when you want to sleep. Don't worry too much of you have to miss a run here or there due tothe weather. Better to be safe and uninjured than sorry.