December 7, 2009

Yaktrax Sizing? HELP!

Ok, I'm getting worried. I ran in the winter last year, but not a whole lot and I was overly cautious. All of you are writing about how you are slipping and or falling on ice and snow ... and I really dont want to injure myself. Not only is it not fun getting hurt, but how does one chase a toddler with a broken leg? Its just not possible.

So I searched all over and the best deal for Yaktrax is definitely But the sizing chart looks like this: I wear a size 10 shoe which is the very top of their small size range. I hate being at the top of a range :( Is a "S" going to be too small? Do I go up a size and go with Medium? In clothing, if in doubt I go up a size. But this is supposed to fit over my shoe! If its too big its gonna fall off, right?

Any Yaktrax users out there? What do I do? I could suck it up and buy them somewhere local to ensure the ability to return/exchange ... but it will be like 10-15 bucks more (plus the need to go out to the store to actually get them). Oh, the dilemma.

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steve said...

Hi Lifestudent,

My name is Steve Couder and I am the VP of sales for Yaktrax. I received a blog alert about Yaktrax this evening with your question about sizing. Typically we suggest that if you are at the top of the size scale to move up one size. So in this case I would suggest you purchase a size medium. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me directly via e-mail at And you can get other questions answered and view our other brands at

Thanks for your support of our products and stay safe this winter.