November 18, 2009

Tonight I Was The Tail

I checked the weather forecast last night and was told to expect rain in the early morning. Since the weather forecast is never right, I set my alarm for 5AM anyway. At 5AM I got up, looked out the window, saw rain, and went back to bed. I may be dumb enough to run in the dark, but I'm not crazy enough to run in the dark when its raining.

I knew I needed to get todays run in since my schedule is already a bit messed up. I missed my run on Monday and did it on Tuesday instead. In order to get three runs in this week I had two runs and only Wed, Thurs and Fri left. If I skipped today, that would put me at a Thurs and Fri run followed by a long run on Saturday ... and I'm just not ready for that much running yet.

I knew full well at 5AM I was going to have to do a PM run and yet spent my day consuming garbage as usual. I watched the weather all day and hoped it was going to give me a break tonight, and it did.

Running Log
Time:38:10   Distance:3.66mi   Pace:10:26

A little over a mile into my run I had a bit of déjà vu. I was in about the exact same area as I was yesterday when another runner turned a corner right in front of me. I ended up tailing her. We were pacing about the same and I was about 20 feet behind her. She kept looking back over her left shoulder at me - either freaked out at the sound of footsteps behind her or wondering if I was going to pass her. Yesterday morning I mentioned that I thought the other runner (behind me) should have crossed the street or turned a corner. Since I was going to turn in only a few blocks, crossing the street was not an option. So, I decided to do what any runner would do. Pass her.

I picked up my pace a bit assuming (since we were pacing the same) that she would be easy to pass. Unfortunately, when I picked up my pace, she picked up hers. I got faster, she got faster. What???? So eventually I pretty much had to sprint to blow past her. I didn't know how far behind me she was or if she was even still behind me. But, in the event she was still behind me I started to worry. I couldnt run this fast for much longer and was pretty sure I was going to blow my load.

So I turned a corner a few blocks early to make sure I could avoid her and dropped my pace back down. Yes, I admit, I am a coward.

1 10:43
2 10:38
3 10:03
4 10:16 (pacing)

Overall I felt pretty good during the whole run. Either I properly fueled today (latte, orange crush, cranberry bliss bar from Starbucks, cheese and crackers), or the promise of a hot pizza sitting at home was enough motivation. Im thinking its the latter.


Lisa said...

I'm having the same dilemma re my schedule. Sometimes that happens though. Looks like you figured out a great pre-run snack too lol. You should add the carrots, then you'll be even speedier ;)

Bethany + Ryan said...

ugh that's SO awkward when you are running the same pace as someone and you two are the only ones out there. i would have turned the corner too! if i cant get away from them and we are neck and neck i use this classic line, "gee, looks like we have the same pace." and then it either turns into a friendly runner conversation for a few miles (which is usually the case)or they just laugh and speed up because they think I'm weird or don't want to talk. good job on your run,you can log that as speed work!

N.D. said...

It is so easy to go back to sleep but then when you wake up, you're like damn it!! I should have been up and got that run over with! but rain and dark - no good!! looks like you got it done! great job.

Sarah said...

Good run! I haven't tried their cranberry bliss bars yet. I was THRILLED when they got the holiday gingerbread on Tues...that is our favorite!!