November 17, 2009

Did I Die And Go To Heaven?

Last night my husband informs me that he need to be at work early. This means I need to be home from my am run by 5:50AM. Since it was supposed to be a 40 minute run and it takes me a few minutes to get out of the door, I set my alarm for 4:50AM. I am either very dedicated or very stupid.

I got to bed by 10:30, which is a record for me. Brooke wasnt too bad of a sleeper last night and she didnt wake me up until about 2. I was actually glad when I looked at the alarm .. because I still had 3 more hours to sleep, which seems like a lot compared to some nights. She woke me up once or twice more until my alarm went off.

This is the part where I pretty much died

At 4:50 the sound of my alarm woke me up and I quickly popped out of bed. In the total darkness I stumbled towards the bathroom to get ready. I actually didnt even consider skipping my run, which is a good thing. I got dressed, pondered whether or not to wear gloves (I opted not to, which I think was the wrong decision) and hit the pavement. I survived my run.

I got home at 5:50 (a bit before actually) and was in and out of the shower by 6:15. Despite all of my complaining, I have to (guiltilly) admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the hour I had in the morning to myself before Brooke woke up. I dont get that kind of time anymore and it was really great. I made oatmeal and actually sat down and took time to eat it, while I caught up on some of your blogs. I got Brooke's breakfast ready so I didnt have to try to do it with her hanging on my leg and whining. I got a load of dishes started. It was pretty nice.

This is the part where I found myself in Heaven
Starbucks has a new Holiday latte - its "Caramel Brulee". I have not liked any of their new inventions in the past, so I wasnt too sure I should pass up the usual for something new and different. But, since I'm all about pushing my boundaries lately, and I successfully managed to wake up at 4:50 AND go for a run ... I gave it a whirl.

Oh. My. God.

It so good, typing right now I think I might go back and get another one. If I dont get back today, I know I wont be able to sleep tonight in anticipation of getting one tomorrow. This is officially the best Holiday Season I have ever had. I am serious.

Running Log
Time:35:41   Distance:3.40mi   Pace:10:30

Looks like I am going to have to extend my running route :( Today called for 40 minutes and I planned my route according to a pace of 11:30. Good thing is that I am getting more comfortable with running again, thus the increased speed. Bad thing is that now that I am a bit faster I have to run farther.

1 10:59
2 10:33
3 10:13
4 9:46 (pacing)

So a really strange thing happened this morning. I was about a mile into my run, maybe a smidge more. Its pitch black. There is a car here and there, the same homeless person snoozing in the bus shelter I saw last time, and the same girl on the treadmill in the personal training gym. I'm already becoming familiar with my route and the infrequent people I see. Then I hear footsteps behind me.

I try to ignore them. I'm on a busy road, its pretty well lit, and I keep going. But the footsteps continue. They are loud, and a bit heavy. So I glance behind me - its another runner! So this woman trails me for about .5 miles. I hear her feet hit the pavement on every step, and she is freaking me out. There is nobody else out on the streets ... and this lady decides to trail me? Am I wrong, or is that freaky?

Eventually I turn the corner and lose the tail. I did see two other runners besides the trailer this morning, which is much more than the zero I saw last time. I dont mind being out there so early as long as I am not the only one doing it. It was nice having some company! I just want the company to keep their distance ...


Lisa said...

Wow, you are a saint for getting up that early despite being woken up by Brooke. I could never have done that.

Yay for getting faster and going farther!

When I ran early in the morning last week a runner came up behind me and it was kinda weird because it was still dark. But I had my dog with me so I don't think anyone would choose to mess with a runner with a dog. At least I hope not.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I would be totally creeped out if someone was following me...I would probably cross the street or turn and run toward them..

Thanks for the comment. I have a running Blog too.

aron said...

NICE job getting up EARLY to go run!!!!

Bethany + Ryan said...

wow, you are crazy! good for you!! i wasn't going to run tonight but if you can run at 4:50am then surely i can go for a run now. okay, you convinced me. see ya!

Jess said...

I like the morning run for the same reasons, but I am seriously spoiled because I get WAY more sleep than you. Youa re a trooper!

That holiday coffee concoction looks delish!

Rookie on the Run said...

First of all... that Starbuck's drink looks outrageously YUMMY!! I'm going to HAVE to try it!

Secondly, I can't imagine what it must be like to run in the dark. I live in an area with lots of large, wooded, brushy areas. And coyotes. I would have been freaked out by the trailer, too. But not as much as if she were a man trailing me like that.

Good for you for getting up so early to get in your run. That's dedication!