October 12, 2009

Does Everyone Go To Starbucks On Columbus Day???

I'm at Starbucks, hoping to get some work done. The place is PACKED.
I was stunned when I walked in. A line at the register! Not an empty
seat in the place! I couldn't figure out what was up ... It was like
the Twilight Zone or something.

It took me a minute till I realized it was Columbus Day. So every
person who had off today must have come to my Starbucks. I dont like
it. Not one bit!

(sighs) At least my Batista recognized me and made my drink right away
so I didn't have to wait. Ah, the privelages of being a "regular" ;)


Sarah said...

I am a regular at mine too. :) They know me and my kids and usually start my drink as soon as I walk in the door. :)

lifestudent said...

I dont know if I should be embarrassed or proud ;) If it was a bar where they shouted out my name and handed me a beer before I even sat down, I'd be bragging ... but with starbucks it just feels wrong, doesnt it?