September 3, 2009

Pawsilates Anyone?

I have a hard time in the city finding exercise classes I can take a baby to. There are a lot of them for when you have an itty-bitty-baby in a stroller, but nothing really for when you have an ansty-grabbing-hollering-toddler that refuses to sit in a stroller for more than 10 minutes. I guess they assume that by the time your baby is about 1, that either a) you are already in shape and dont need to work out anymore or b) that you have returned to work or gotten a sitter and no longer need to bring baby along. Well, neither "a" or "b" are true for me and I'm still looking for a way to work out with a slightly rambunctious toddler. And do you know what irritates me? I can find a pilates class I can bring my dog to, but cant find one that I can bring a baby to. Um, let me tell you the major difference between being a dog and a baby ... you can leave the dog at home when you go out :(  


Sarah said...

That is so strange! Why not just leave the dog home? (can you tell I am not a dog person?) Some of my mom friends use the daycare at their gym while they work out. I am really neurotic about who I leave my kids with, so I either throw them in the jogger to go for a run or set them up in the basement with toys while I run on the treadmill. 1 is a hard age to do that with gets easier when they get older. :)

Jess said...

Scooter would never stand for that, even though when I'm doing yoga at home, he insists on being part of it. Really, he just wants to lick my face while I'm on the floor.

LeahC said...

one option could be for you to join the lakeview ymca (I don't know hwere you live..but they do have a parking lot if you don't live close). It's really cheap for a gym, they have a ton of classes and they have a daycare there. I don't know the details but I think you can have your kid go there from 6 weeks on so you would be fine to leave the baby there while you go work out. It's $69/month for a family pass. I have a friend that does this and she says it works out great.