September 2, 2009

Once Again, A Week In Between Runs

Every day I think about going for a run. Every day I do not go for a run. I cant find the time. Or I have the time, but not the energy. Or I have the time and the energy but just lack motivation. I thought signing up for the 10K would motivate me, but it really hasnt this time. I guess I keep thinking I have a lot of weeks to train, but then again ... do I really?

I need to run at least once during the week. When I dont run for an entire week each run is too difficult, my body spends more time fighting the run then getting stronger and building any sort of endurance :(

On a better note, I have managed to cook dinner every night this week! We generally eat out quite a bit, which obviously is not the healthiest (or cheapest) way to go. Every week we get a ton of vegetables (many of which, I will admit, never get used). This week I decided to try to use as much of them I could, so I have been cooking. While I'm not focusing on fat or calories, the fresh vegetables have to play a positive role in my diet ... either way it has to be better than a burger and fries. I'm not exactly cooking healthy food, but I have been using some fresh vegetables. We participate in a farm share through Harvest Moon farms. While I am pretty happy about my cooking streak, I am only talking about it because it is about to end :) I have dinner plans with some friends tomorrow night and odds are pretty good the weekend will bring more opportunity to eat out as well. Perhaps I will use guilt to motiave me once again. Since I will likely eat bad foods, maybe I will go for a run in order to compensate for my unhealthy diet :)

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