September 10, 2009

I'm A Marathon Volunteer!

There was an opportunity to volunteer at one of the aid stations and I quickly snapped it up. If anything can motivate me, its watching the Chicago Marathon! I know it wont motivate me to give Chicago another shot (that is just a bridge I no longer desire to cross), but I do hope it makes me finally take the leap and sign up for one of the Winter or Spring 1/2 Marathons I've been eyeing. I'm so excited! I get to witness all of the action up-close-and-personal and be HELPING the runners at the same time. Even better, I get an awesome official jacket ... and I DONT HAVE TO RUN. WHOOOHOOOO! This is so great.

In addition, I have agreed to attempt a 5-miler this weekend with a friend. Probably not smart due to my lack of running, but I honestly tend to surprise myself with what I can do. My goal is to push out 3.5-4 tomorrow, rest on Saturday, and then go for 5 on Sunday. If I am successful, I can take some of the worry away about this upcoming 10K ;)

On another note, I learned something new today. PDF stands for "portable document format". I use them all of the time, and guess I just never cared to wonder what the letters stood for. Maybe everyone else in the world already knew that, but I am just glad that I have a new tidbit of knowledge.


Kristin said...

How cool! Maybe you'll see Deena Kastor! :) I would love to see the Chicago Marathon (but it's kind of far away from me).

Jess said...

Make sure your station has enough fluids :)

sarahjoaustin said...

Very cool! Missouri State University is hosting the NCAA Midwest Cross Country Regionals in November, and I've volunteered to help. I don't know anything about cross country, but I'm excited to see how it all works.

I expect a full volunteer report!

aron said...

SO awesome :) that will be so fun to help out!