September 11, 2009

I Pay A Babysitter To Run, Shower And Blog

I feel a bit dumb today. My sitter was due to come from 11-4. I've been dying to go for a run and couldnt fit it in anywhere during the week. Since I agreed to attempt a 5-miler on Sunday, I knew I had to get out today. So when my sitter showed up I went for a run. Then I got home and showered. Now I am at Starbucks "working", which so far has involved about 20 minutes of work and some blogging. What I need to do is pay someone to tell me how to manage my time, not watch my baby :( Sheesh.

On another note, I find myself a bit irritated today as well. All summer we have watched this corner ice-cream shop. It had a work permit in the window early in the spring. Then early summer it put out some benches. And we watched, casually trying to peep in behind the paper-covered windows. In the beginning of August a sign appears in the window "Oh so very soon". We laugh. And wait. One night we walk by and the sign lights are flashing, but the store remains closed. Today the paper is torn down to reveal sparkling clean windows and a shop that doesnt look any different than it did last summer. I can clearly see the cases do not hold any ice-cream. There is not a soul in sight. I swore that I would not patronize such a rediculous place. What type of ice-cream shop OPENS AFTER LABOR DAY??????? Yet, today, when I see the paper removed and can see through the windows ... my heart does a little pitter-patter. It sure would be nice to take a walk one night and get some ice cream. An thus, I am once again annoyed at myself and my major lack of control.

Training Log
Time:42:53   Distance:3.73 mi   Pace:11:30

I didnt feel strong, or good, or happy during this run. It was hard. I started off on my path and as I ran I realized there were an awful lot of people wearing Cubs jersies. Stupid me, I didnt check to see if there was a game today and had headed out on a path that was going to take me right past the ballpark. DETOUR! I got through one mile fine, but then as I kept running I swore I had done almost 3, but hadent even completed 2. At the 2 mile point I was tired. I dragged myself through mile 3 and was almost crying for that last 3/4 of a mile. I did it and I am happy, but I sure do miss that sense of strengh and power that comes from a successful run. Instead I feel like this tired, old lady ... who would rather be at home with her food-throwing-almost-walking-baby.

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RunToFinish said...

shoot don't most moms need a babysitter to actually get anything done?!