September 11, 2009

Get Your (True) Blood Boiling

Ok, I am still not doing much work. I did get one chapter read in a book, but it was boring ... so I am back at blog reading. One of the (non running) blogs I like to keep up with is Clever Girl Goes Blog, and Tia has just blessed me with this Alexander Skarsgård photo shoot. If you are a True Blood fan, you already know who he is. If not, he plays Eric ... and he is vampire (ooohhh!!!!!).

I sometimes love this show and sometimes hate it. It is so over the top and so crazy, but I still look forward to it each week. Its a bit racy, a lot violent, and totally out-of-this-world. Perhaps its that break from reality that I need :) I guess one of the reasons I am iffy on the show is because none of the characters really resonate with me. Sookie (Anna Paquin) just annoys me. I find Bill (Stephen Moyer) to be dull and boring ... and not a sultry-leading-man-type. Some of the other characters are actually enjoyable, but with these two in lead roles I can sometimes find my mind wandering a bit.

Until now.

I never truly appreciated Alexander Skarsgård (perhaps its the vampire thing, because Edward Cullen doesnt do it for me either). I have a new appreciation for him now and wish I could watch the entire season over, just focusing on him. But, alas, I do not have the time. Instead I promise to devote all of my attention to him this Sunday, in the season finale ;)

Back to work now, I swear.

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Jess said...

I love the show! I read the first five books in the Sookie series too, and while I would recommend the first one, I think the series goes down hill (if you think the show is over the top, you probably don't want to read the novels -- they are almost comically over the top, which I actually think is purposeful but it is annoying), so I stopped reading.