September 25, 2009

I Love You ZB Sports

I decided since I ran so fast yesterday I deserve some new shoes. I havent gotten any new running shoes since right before the LV Marathon, which was in December 2007. (While that may seem like a really long time, remember I took a running hiatus during the whole having-a-baby-thing.) I just want to let the world know how awesome ZB Sports is. I have been ordering my shoes from there since a fellow Team In Training person (Kevin) let me in on the secret. This place is AWESOME.

First of all, their prices always beat any other place I look. By a lot. Second, they are always sending out 10% off coupons. Take that 10% off their already kick-butt price and WHOOHOO! But thats not all. There are no taxes (and taxes in Chicago are killer). Shipping is $2.99. Yes, I said (typed) $2.99. Every time I order shoes they are seriously on my doorstop in about 2 days. Its crazy. And one more thing, and this only just makes them more awesome (awesomer?). They donate 3% of their annual net revenues to charity. Did I mention I love ZB Sports yet?

So I ordered a new pair of Mizuno Nirvana's, because I deserve it :)


RunToTheFinish said...

ohhh i always use them!! i love that they donate to a charity

aron said...

those are some pretttttty shoes!

meanjean said...

Yes! I ordered my running shoes from them too-- I sent a friend there but they apparently dont sell Nikes? She went to Zappos ( and i do like them, too).

ZBSportsSucks said...

I'm happy you had such a "wonderful" experience. ZBSports is a scam when it comes to shipping. 11 days to process and order that is "in-stock" is sad. then another 6 days for the shoes to ship across the country. I live in the same state as one of their stores and I can't get them in a reasonable time period. Don't be fooled. you got lucky.